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Research Ethics, Governance & Integrity Unit


Important Updates 

Transition to Ethics Review Manager (ERM)

The REGI Unit are making a full transition to ERM and will no longer be accepting submissions via email from 2 March 2020. All new applications and all post approval items (including amendments, safety items, and reports) should be submitted via ERM, however we will continue to accept email submissions up until 1 March 2020.

All approval letters, authorisation letters, acknowledgements, requests and feedback will also be provided via ERM (instead of email) to ensure all study documentation and correspondence is stored in one place.

Where a post approval item is required to be submitted for a study that is not on ERM, a Legacy Application Replacement Form (LARF) should first be completed - post approval items can then be submitted from the LARF by creating a 'sub-form'. See link to instructions below.

For technical assistance, please email the Infonetica Helpdesk on or contact the Department of Health and Human Services on (03) 9096 7394.

ERM Guides

- Applicant User Guide to ERM

- How to Create a LARF and Submit Post Approval Items

- Troubleshooting Guide

- Quick Tips for applicants



Welcome to the home page of the Barwon Health Research Ethics, Governance & Integrity (REGI) Unit.

Barwon Health has a vibrant research culture and enviable track record in research achievements. This research activity is supported by the REGI Unit, located in Kitchener House. The REGI Unit is an organisational unit of the Research Directorate and manages the many aspects of research compliance, research ethics applications and review processes.

The REGI team has a strong background in research ethics and management and can provide support and advice on research design, data management and analysis, and ethics applications. They also offer training for less experienced researchers.

All Barwon Health staff and associates interested in research are encouraged to drop in to meet the REGI team and get some tips for negotiating research ethics and governance.

The REGI Unit's role is to ensure that:

  • Barwon Health achieves research excellence and maintains the highest standards of research integrity and research conduct
  • Barwon Health research complies with national and international research ethics and governance guidelines and laws and exemplifies best practice

The REGI Unit works to achieve these aims by:

  • Providing support, advice and training to experienced and novice researchers on research design, data management and analysis, ethics applications and research dissemination
  • Providing support for research oversight to regional partners and collaborators
  • Coordinating all aspects of research oversight and compliance for research carried out under the auspices of Barwon Health
  • Coordinating and convening the Barwon Health Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) and its associated sub-committee, the Research Review Committee
  • Reviewing and managing insurance, indemnity and contract documentation associated with clinical trials

All enquiries for REGI, RGO, and HREC, should be forwarded to


Last Modified: Wednesday, 05 February 2020